Humpbacks of Notre Dame win Kinetic Grand Championship!

After an arduous trek marked by difficulty and perseverance, Team Pineapple in their latest incarnation as the Humpbacks of Notre Dame successfully clinched the title of Grand Champions of the Arcata - Ferndale Kinetic Sculpture Race, aka the Kinetic Grand Championship. There is an excellent article highlighting the Humpbacks in the SF Gate, which you... Continue Reading →

Why are we carrying the Pieta?

Humpbacks of Notre Dame is a cautionary tale about climate change. What does that have to do with Jesus and Mary?We - right now! - are creating a future that won’t sustain our descendants. Our sculpture tells the story of an avoidable apocalypse. We can already see that we need to change our ways, but... Continue Reading →

The Humpbacks of Notre Dame

In the year 2069, all the world's ice has melted. Amphibious bikes are commonplace as people have adapted to a world with new coastlines and a ban on all burning of fossil fuels. The kinetic race founded 100 years ago by artist Hobart Brown is no more, the entire course through Humboldt County lies beneath... Continue Reading →

Artists Discover Tiny Galleries

As everyone adapted to Life-with-Corona, Downtown Santa Rosa shut down 4th Street to cars and opened it to pedestrians. The Chamber of Commerce welcomed a Tiny Gallery to the space. Artists love it!"What a brilliant idea!" "I'm so glad I participated!" "I loved sharing what I made!" The superlatives multiply with each interaction.We've shown and... Continue Reading →

Alebrije Bikes 2019: Like a Phoenix

The Awesome Foundation's Marin Chapter awarded a mini-grant so I could offer materials, mentoring and prize money to build Alebrije Bicycles. Starting a competition is typically a year-long effort (compressible to a few months, often) but I had about two months until Día de los Muertos, a natural date for this event.A field of five... Continue Reading →

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