“Wheels of Dharma” wins Paddlefest 2019

Thanks to all the hard work of the folks at Bike East Bay and the support of Jack London Square, this year's amphibious bike race was another huge success. The rigs were big, the ramp didn't flip anyone into the estuary, and we even had a mermaid for added magic! Studs won the Jack London … Continue reading “Wheels of Dharma” wins Paddlefest 2019


“Wheels of Dharma” Wins Trophies

Winning first and second place trophies in Engineering, Art, and Speed, Team Pineapple wowed the citizens of Arcata, Eureka, Ferndale and later Corvallis with their kinetic sculpture Wheels of Dharma. An homage to Dawn's fondly remembered Pakistani Uncle Noel, who taught religious studies UC Santa Cruz, the art features a nodding Ganesh, Kali, and Hanuman. … Continue reading “Wheels of Dharma” Wins Trophies

Amphibious Bike Race at Pedalfest, 2018

Pirates descended on the fun at Pedalfest 2018, in Oakland's Jack London Square. There were Queens and Princesses, Scraper Bikes and folks flipping into the water on their amphibious bikes. Bob and I organized the Amphibious Bike Race part of the event and built a portable aluminum and plywood ramp, funded by Bike East Bay … Continue reading Amphibious Bike Race at Pedalfest, 2018