Trifecta Build Day 8: Ruminations


I crashed today.

In a creative frenzy I rapidly welded a steering yoke and installed it into the newly welded head tube assembly. On an adrenaline high and fueled by hopes for victory, I convinced Dawn to hop aboard. The downhill runs were… terrifying. I’ve seen vids of sociables being ridden, so in my imagination I knew what to expect. Nearly crashing and not controlling the vehicle isn’t part of the agenda. Dawn begged off, and videoed me attempting to drive the vehicle singlehandedly. And crashing.

Steering the thing is like balancing a chair on two legs.

I set the angle on the head tube too close to vertical, I think. We can change the angle but doing so will destroy the beautiful line of the top tube. I think I can make a kluge that won’t be too bad. Doing so might not solve the steering. I might have to reconcile myself to three wheels rather than the awesomeness that two wheels would magically bestow upon us.

Now the peanut gallery is commenting all about my typing skills. I win the day.


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