Yippie! Rolling downhill

Building wheels and a transmission.

    We sprayed the white rims an invigorating hue of seafoam blue! Our frame, with the pillow block bolts welded in place. Lacing up the rims with the new hubs, welded onto the axle, with Bob. he made it a race, and then won.┬áHere is a close-up of what happens to the spoke nipples,... Continue Reading →

Edwardian Ball invites Three FeetIt looks like we will be escorting The Red Couch, to an appearance as a "signature piece," at the Edwardian Ball's World Fair, this upcoming Friday, in San Francisco. (Ohhh.... what will we wear?)

Our friend, Ian, wanted to put a rack on the van he bought, so he could carry his surfboards around, so he came to stay at our house, and we built him one.   It included our signature - a bottle opener, welded into the frame.

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