Seats and pedal cranks

Whew! What a big day! We finished installing and covering the galvanized pipe seats with recycled bicycle inner tube, which was a bit more tedious that I had anticipated, and we got a pedal crank welded on, which Bob had felt would be challenging to align. Below are some pics from today.

Adjustable Seats

We moved everything across town into a large dry space, and engineered a method to install the seats. In this closer view, the nuts can be seen, each pair allows the seat t move an inch.

Bending EMT into adjustable seats

This gorgeous tool looks part Sci-Fi, and part antique to me. It bends the EMT pipe we got at Bataeff's junkyard marvelously. Bob found these plans online for us to make adjustable recumbent seats which support the lumbar spine, move back and forth, and are covered with mesh. He draws out plans on paper, on... Continue Reading →

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