Bleargh. But, It’s All Good!

Freshly back from an award-winning trip to Maker Faire Bay Area 2o014, we now prep for the event we built the trike for: The Kinetic Grand Championship. Which happens to be this coming weekend. One might consider Maker Faire a "dry run." All the prep, all the packing and unpacking, all the crowds, but none... Continue Reading →

Trikosaurus wins at Maker Faire 2014! Maker Faire is great fun. We feel like we have it figured out. We build a couple of mobile exhibits and stock ourselves up with water and food bars and then ride around the Faire, looking at everyone else's cool stuff. People come ride our things, we make new friends, we connect with people... Continue Reading →

Iterative Engineering: Free As a Bird

For some reason, I believed a single freewheel between the left and right drivetrains would give us the functionality of a differential plus the capability to go reverse when underway in water. Eventually I figured out our differential would function only when turning right. When turning left, the wheels wouldn't slip. So, rather than losing... Continue Reading →

Pivoting Pontoons

I feel as though I'm closing in on solving the floatation challenge. A set of pivoting pontoons might allow us to have control in the water and yet be able to go down and back up a boat ramp.

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