Bleargh. But, It’s All Good!


Freshly back from an award-winning trip to Maker Faire Bay Area 2o014, we now prep for the event we built the trike for: The Kinetic Grand Championship. Which happens to be this coming weekend.

One might consider Maker Faire a “dry run.” All the prep, all the packing and unpacking, all the crowds, but none of the actual riding 47 miles across road, sand and water of the Grand Championship. The dry run went fairly well, so that’s good. The trailer held up fine, the trike had only one major problem and we didn’t wear ourselves out too much. Plus, we got an award. But not from Goli.

Our water test showed a couple of things to change. I changed them yesterday and today. I had to tip the trike on its butt to make the welds, which presented a challenge not insurmountable but nevertheless puckering. The other puckering thing is one of our seats got left behind in a geographically undesirable direction after getting displayed. I’m going to retrieve it with less than 24 hours before we leave for the race.

The fallout is this: the next time we test the updates from out earlier water test could very well be when we are in the race.

I just read the some of the race details. I should be sleeping. For 48 hours.


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