Trikosaurus wins at Maker Faire 2014!

Maker Faire is great fun. We feel like we have it figured out. We build a couple of mobile exhibits and stock ourselves up with water and food bars and then ride around the Faire, looking at everyone else’s cool stuff. People come ride our things, we make new friends, we connect with people who we’ve been stalking or haven’t seen in a coon’s age, we get offered GoPros and passes to the Exploratorium…

My favorite question this year was, “Do you go to Burning Man?”

Because I can answer, “No, we do not.” The puzzled expressions are priceless.

Sometimes, the questioner rallies and states, “Well, you should go!” Dawn has a snarky reply for that.

“Yeah, buy us a ticket and we’ll stay with you in your camp!”

As far as accolades and real appreciation, we won an Editor’s Choice award, and we feel special! Even though Goli Mohammadi didn’t award it to us and there seems to be some sort of feeding frenzy among the junior editors and perhaps some recognition inflation.


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