Amphibious Trike wins the Elon Musk Challenge!

It was a bright, exciting morning for Team Three Feet Of Air. We unloaded the Amphibious Trike, strapped on the pontoons, and rode around Figment Oakland a bit, before departing for Jack London Square’s Aquatic Center.

On our way, we ran into Kimric Smythe, proprietor of Smythe Accordion shop, and fellow Kinetic Artist. We stopped and chatted for a while and then went on our way.

Arriving at the Aquatic Center, we were met by Dave Kendall, Erin Watson, and our backup crew of Joshua Thomas and Caitlan Van De Walle. We attatched our pontoons, and drove into the water.

Out on the water, things were gorgeous. The Alameda/Oakland estuary is  a lovely place for kayaking, sailing, and enjoying the quiet water. Our Trike was cheered on by Adam Katz, of Ephemerisle, who snapped this awesome pic of us with Erin Watson.

amphibious trike in race

Read the article here:


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