Pineapple Trikes had a blast at the Bay Area Maker Faire!

Pineapple Trikes brought our Cargo Cruiser and our Amphibious Trike this year, and folks had a great time pedaling around the South Lot.


Such a good time, in fact, that they “Taco-ed” one of the wheels!

11150738_10205837275843997_3299142737839275930_n 11265137_10205838131385385_6983539222232640401_n

Suduh from the Crucible helped weld our Johnson Bar brake ring back on…


Bob’s $100 sailboat project got a lot of attention, especially when we mounted it on top of the Cargo Cruiser.

11139397_10205839480299107_9117033742603057724_n 11263045_10205846119105073_5569527522256625996_n

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