Introducing… Pineapple Trikes Sociable Tandem Cargo Cruiser!


At last! We have finished putting the final touches on the brand new Pineapple Trikes Sociable Tandem Cargo Cruiser.

Now, I know that is a mouthful, so let’s unpack all that, shall we?

One, our new company is named “Pineapple Trikes,” and came about because we decided to try and build something that folks would want to use and ride, and that we could sell. That’s right, for real cash dollars.

Two, a “sociable tandem” is a tandem where the riders can ride side-by-side, chatting, sharing and passing beverages back and forth. It is not the regular tandem bike where the guy in a windbreaker sits in the front, and steers, and his wife sits in the back, with a matching windbreaker, staring at the windbreaker, or the back of his helmet for most of the ride. There is not a whole lot of nice chatting, or passing of beverages going on.

Three, yes, we can haul a lot of “cargo.” You can put a friend, with a cooler in the back, or a few kids, or a dog, or some groceries, or a bag of cement, and some plant starts. Whatever you want.



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