Amphibious Racing at Pedalfest 2018

Are you ready to get wet? Or watch others get wet? Pedalfest 2018 invites us back for another round of amphibious bike racing! Coming up in July, this year is going to be the best yet, with a new ramp, new vehicles, and a new emcee to help you know what's happening and when. Save... Continue Reading →

Amphibious Trike wins the Elon Musk Challenge!

It was a bright, exciting morning for Team Three Feet Of Air. We unloaded the Amphibious Trike, strapped on the pontoons, and rode around Figment Oakland a bit, before departing for Jack London Square's Aquatic Center. On our way, we ran into Kimric Smythe, proprietor of Smythe Accordion shop, and fellow Kinetic Artist. We stopped... Continue Reading →

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