The Red Couch

The Red Couch Paddlewheel boat, Santa Rosa, CA. 2012 -2013

The Red Couch is a collaboration between Dawn Thomas and Robert van de Walle. Thomas rescued a Victorian style velvet couch from the sidewalk in Sebastopol, CA. The couch served as a couch for a few years until a fateful day when she mused, “What else could it become?”

The obvious answer is of course, it could become a paddlewheel boat.

The Red Couch appeared in and around Sonoma for three years at events such as Rivertown Revival, the Healdsburg Water Carnivale, and even at private events such as Swallows and Amazon’s boat camping expedition at Lake Sonoma.

Later, railcar wheels replaced her pontons and The Red Couch competed in Santa Rosa’s Wunderkammer rail car races as well as Willit’s Handcar Race.

After many adventures, the couch is now retired and rests comfortably in the living room.

Red Couch Railcar
Hubbub Clubber meets Dr. E.P. Kitty on The Red Couch Railcar

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