Three Feet Of Air Productions

Dawn Thomas (
Bob VanDeWalle (
(707) 245-4735

Basic Info: We design and build human-powered vehicles for racing and exhibition events in Northern California. We are looking for sponsors for the 2014 event season.

Career Highlights:

  • July, 2013, Our Red Couch paddle wheel is pictured on the event website to promote Healdsburg’s Water Carnivale.

  • August, 2013, Red Couch Handcar is currently shown, racing in the Wunderkammer Handcar Races in a 15-second advertisement, being used to promote the city of Santa Rosa as a destination for wine and beer aficionados.

  • Summer 2013,  featured in local papers many times, won prizes at most of the events we attend, and have run successful Kickstarter and IndieGoGo fundraisers to build our pieces.

  • Engineering prize for the Whittaker design on, 2013

Awards 2012/2013:

“All the numbers” prize, Camp Tipsy, 2012
4th place at Rivertown Revival, 2012
“Best Engineered” for the Whittaker Paddlewheel at Rivertown Revival, 2013
“Artistic yet Odd” for the Red Couch Paddlewheel at Rivertown Revival, 2013
2nd Place at the Wunderkammer Sonoma County Handcar Races, 2013
3rd Place at the Willits Kinetic Carnivale, 2013

Sponsors/Donors: Lagunitas Beer, Murnane Floors


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